#3 ‘Dobby is Free’

I’ve just returned from Poland and with the help from Liberté, Świecka szkoła (Secular School), Stowarzyszenie Ateistyczne | Atheist Association Poland, swieckaszkola and Fundacja Wolność od Religii (Freedom from Religion Foundation) among many other organisations I was able to speak to several people on my research trip to Warsaw. Bullivant (2018) reports from the ESS (2014-2016) that only 17% of Polish young […]

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#2 Bleigießen

‘Bleigießen, you know it’? “Lead pouring”, the interpreter tells me as the participant shows me a photo on her phone. It’s a New Years Eve custom we sometimes do. She goes on to explain, once the lead has melted on your spoon over a burning candle, you drop it into cold water and it makes […]

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The Universe in a ‘bucket’

This project will contribute to mapping the diversity of unbelief in Northern and Central Europe by using survey, social media and interview data across six countries (UK, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Norway, and Romania)… exciting huh? It has just started in January 2018 and will finish in June 2019. In January I traveled to Amsterdam to attend […]

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