Are you an ‘unbeliever’? – Call for Participants

We are currently looking for participants aged between 19 and 37 who identify as nonreligious or being an ‘unbeliever’ (lacking religious faith or belief) to interview for a sociological study which will help us to understand more about the diversity of unbelief cross-culturally in Europe. The interview will last approximately 45 minutes and an interpreter can be provided.

We are conducting five interviews in each of the following locations and are still seeking participants.

  • UK – London: 19-22 February (flexible with other dates)
  • Netherlands – Amsterdam/Utrecht: 7-11 March
  • Germany – Leipzig/Berlin: 23-27 March (Berlin 27 March)
  • Poland – Warsaw: 18-22 April
  • Romania – Timișoara: 25-29 April
  • Netherlands – 23-27 May
  • Norway – Kristiansand: 5-8 June
  • Romania – Constanţa: 17-21 September
  • Norway – Oslo: 24-27 September (no participants needed)
  • Poland – Krakow: 11-14 October
  • Germany – Frankfurt/Würzburg: 22-25 October
  • UK –  Cornwall: September/November (North Cornish coast)

If you would like to participate in this exciting research and you live in (or close to) the locations above, please email me ( or get in touch here to find out more information, or send me a direct message on Twitter @JoshBullock please also feel free to share this with anyone you feel might be interested.

See here for more information about the project.