Project Team



Professor David Herbert, University of Kingston, London, UK (Principal Investigator)

My subject background is in sociology, media studies and religious studies. The main question I have tried to answer through my career is: how is it possible for people in fast changing societies and with many different views and backgrounds to find ways to live and work constructively together? To answer this question I have looked particularly at the role of religion, media and civil society in Europe and the Middle East. My current research project (Cultural Conflict 2.0) investigates how social media are re-shaping local community relations in multicultural neighbourhoods in Northern European cities (in Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands) that have been transformed by immigration in recent years.


Josh Bullock Profile

Dr. Josh Bullock, University of Kingston, London, UK (Co-Investigator)


Josh completed his PhD in 2017 on congregational unbelief (studying the Sunday Assembly) in the UK, through which he has developed an extensive network of contacts in the UK and continental Europe, skills in semistructured interviewing and question construction in the field of nonreligion. Josh has dedicated his research interests to understanding unbelief through various manifestations since 2013 and thus developed a comprehensive expertise on the project and wider literature, as well as conducting fieldwork in Europe (Netherlands) on understanding non-religious communities.